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Testimonials - What People Are Saying

“Jen's creativity really exceeded all of my expectations. I needed note cards for a friend's grandmother as a gift and all I did was give her some basic information about the person and she created the most beautiful and personalized cards within days. The person (who lives in the Caribbean) was so impressed with the uniqueness of the cards that she wanted Jen to travel to her island and sell them to local stores!”
~Meredith Rainey, January 2011

“I am very impressed with your talent and eye!!”
 ~Greer Silvia, Event Planner- January 2011

“You are the BEST!   I can't thank you and Angela  enough for taking on this job, not an easy one with so many opinions.  You have a fine eye for details and that is great.  Again thank you so much for all your help and input to make Courtney's day so special.”
  ~Noreen Kissel , Mother of the Bride-November 2010

The wedding was so much fun and so elegant thanks to you guys.  You staged the scene perfectly!  Thanks again, I know Noreen and Courtney were very pleased.”
 ~Joni Blomstedt, Friend of the Bride’s Family- November 2010

“I just wanted to thank you for everything, we are so impressed and happy with the way the programs turned out! Thanks a million for your help!!!”
 ~Lisa and Joe Fitzpatrick, Bride & Groom-October 2010

“Jen, you did a excellent job on my wedding invitations and all of the print work at the wedding. You listened to what I wanted and made suggestions that really helped. Everyone invited to the wedding commented on how beautiful they were. I would recommend you for any type of print work needed. Thanks Jen!”
~Audra Couture,Bride- October 2010

“I know I have thanked you a bunch!  But, seriously....thank you sooooo much for all the hard work that you put into our wedding!  You are very talented....if you didn't help us out, we would have had a very plain looking wedding!” 
 ~Rachel Blomstedt, Bride-August 2010

“…The wedding was lovely and your elements truly added to the beauty of the event.”
Francesca Campo, Sweet Berry Farm
 ~Campo & Company Events

“I got a call from my Mom and her fiancé today and they are so happy with the invitations. They (as well as my Aunt) said that they want to find a way to frame them!  Thanks again for all of your help with these - I am so happy with your creativeness and craftsmanship.”  
 ~Elizabeth Szugda, Daughter of the Bride-July 2010

“OH MY GOSH!  You are more amazing than I first believed.”
 ~Michael Edwards, Owner- Scampi Restaurant- July 2010

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